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At the heart of every paddler beats a passion for the water, kinship, competition, and conservation. This unique podcast aims to link all the paddling styles and stories under one common heartbeat. This is the Paddler's Pulse!
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Hey Paddlers! The Paddler's Pulse is the perfect place to get your fix when you can't be on the water. Regardless of craft, or the type of water you paddle, yer tuned-in to the right place!

Mar 31, 2017
How does a Boy from a small village in France go on to complete a Guinness world record.

The Great Pacific Race is known as the worlds ultimate Endurance Event. A 2400 mile journey form Monterey California to Honolulu Hawaii. Join Greggy as he interviews Cyril Derreumaux, who undertook this journey, and has done so much more, such as Catalina after 2 months of paddling, Molokai Hoe, and the Yukon River Quest. Be prepared to be blitzed with inspiration with this amazing paddler and person.

Team Uniting Nations-Consist of...
Cyril Derremaux - 39 - France
Carlo Facchino - 41 - San Jose Cali
Fiann Paul - 35 - Iceland 
Thiago Silva - 29 - Brazil
Other topics include:
  • Who the heck is Thunder Johnny!
  • How to learn on the spot
Stats, Links and more fun info:
Chris Martin - Race Director said - 
"Anyone can Row across an Ocean, but few are able to break a record with the same class and style that Team Uniting Nations have"

Cyril Coaching journey
Fun Stats
Avg strokes per race - 1,000,000
avg weight loss - 20Lb
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