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At the heart of every paddler beats a passion for the water, kinship, competition, and conservation. This unique podcast aims to link all the paddling styles and stories under one common heartbeat. This is the Paddler's Pulse!
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Hey Paddlers! The Paddler's Pulse is the perfect place to get your fix when you can't be on the water. Regardless of craft, or the type of water you paddle, yer tuned-in to the right place!

Jul 10, 2017

We are so honored to interview Margo Pelligrino - perhaps one of the most inspiring adventure paddlers in the country. A mother who seeks out paddle adventures to inspire her children and help protect the oceans rivers and water which keeps our world's precious balance. In 2004, her father passed and she sought out adventure as a way to grieve ​and also to honor him.

  • Miami to Maine
  • Long Beach Island, NJ, to Washington, DC
  • Miami to New Orleans
  • Seattle to San Diego
  • Cape May to Montauk, NY

Margo has a BA in Labor Studies from Rutgers University. She is a life-long Jersey Gal who group up in an ocean loving family. Out of concern for the state of our ocean and what that means for the future of her children, she became a paddling ocean activist. Armed with David Helvarg’s “50 Ways to Save the Ocean” and a paddle, she feels that her outreach can be yet another tool in the toolbox to bring our ocean and water to the forefront of issues on which our great nation should focus. She believes that our country can and should take a leadership in ocean stewardship for the benefit of the global community and our children and generations to follow.

Show highlights!

"The ocean is like a Fish tank - We have to keep the delicate balance"

"I take pride in being a slow paddler"

"I cracked the ama on my head"

Don't miss minute - 39:00, but don't have your speakers too loud! "Shitty, Shitty Shit" hahahah "Shit Show coming in"

Inspired Reading: 50 ways to save the ocean - David Helvarg

Companies that have supported her adventures:

  • Kialoa Paddles
  • Kamanu Composites

Follow and contact Margo!
Blue Frontier Campaign (


Twitter: @slowpaddler
Instagram: @1slowpadder

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